The Rise

In 2012 the musical journey of The Rise started with writing top lines for DJ's and producers of which a number of successful collaborations followed. They released tracks with Team Rush Hour (“Recognize”, Downpitch), Hardsoul, Dennis Quin & Ill Phill (“You & I”, Get Twisted Records), Tank & Cheetah and DBN (“Trust”, Mixmash) and SirOJ (Hold Me Now). In 2016 their first single “Come Get It” was released by record label Enormous Tunes. The track is a UK garage based track with a strong soulful melody and a first step towards a sound that lies very close to their musical roots.

On their debut EP "The Rise" Mavis and Gijs embrace the past and the present. The songs are a mix of contemporary electronic sounds and nostalgia-flavoured pop and R&B. 'Working on “The Rise” was not only a creative journey but also a very personal one. We challenged ourselves and each other to finally get to the core of who we are in a musical, creative and personal sense.'