Standard Recording

For bookings, E-Sound studio's charges €450,- (ex VAT, including engineer) per day of 10 hours.

For this price, you'll get:
-The control room with the CADAC 40 channel analog mixing desk and use of all available outboard gear.
-The reverb room with the adjustable acoustics.
-The main 150m2 recording room.
-All available mics.

For more detailed info about the above, please check out the GEAR section on our website.

Budget Recording

For those on a tight budget, we offer a basic recording set for €250,- per day (excl. engineer).
This is a selected set of gear without our CADAC mixer, outboard gear, Instruments, Engineer and Vintage mics.
It is however, still possible to hire additional (vintage) microphones against a small fee or to bring your own gear.
-Neumann U47
-Neumann M49
-Neumann U87 (5x)
-Neumann U67 (3x)
-Neumann km84 (2x)
-Neumann U47FET
-Schoeps CMT 541 (3x)
-Sony C38b
-Electro-Voice RE-20
-AKG Solidtube
-AKG 224 e
-Sennheiser MD441
-Sennheiser MD421
-Audix D6 x2
-Audix D4
-Audix D2 x2
-Audix i5
-Audix f9 x2
-Audix f6
-Audix f2 x2
-Audix f5
-Shure sm57 x7
-Shure sm57 (vintage model)
-Shure sm58
-Shure beta58
-T.Bone SCT 800 x2

FX Outboard

-EMT 140 (in maintenance)
-Lexicon 224
-Lexicon 300L
-Lexicon LXP5
-Lexicon LXP1
-TC Electronics M5000
-Eventide H3000s
-Eventide H910
-Dynacord DDL12 (2x)

Preamps & Recording

-Cadac 40 channel in-line console
-Adient ASP008 (8 channels)
-Symmetrix 302 (14 channels)

-Pro Tools 10
-Digidesign 192 (4x) 32 i/o


-Dynaudio BM4 Farfield (in maintenance)
-Dynaudio BM6a nearfield
-Dynaudio sub, optional for the BM6a set.
-Yamaha NS10

-Audient Centro talkback and monitor controller

-HEAR technologies 8 channel personal hearback monitoring. (5x)