Operating from a potatoe shed, 5 meters below sealevel near Amsterdam are Semistereo. In the years as a band, they released 3 full length albums. Doing their best not to repeat themselves, a 4th inventive piece of post- and prog rock has been conceived.

Semistereo is vocalist Paul Glandorf (A Day’s Work, Ayreon), gitarists Martijn Weyburg (A Day’s Work) and Frank Weijers (SaltyCheek, Frappant), drummer Marcel van de Graaf (Tree Funk Concept) and new member and bassist Massimo Mastrangeli (Art Against Agony) A collective winning the souls of their fans at gigs such as Prog Power Europe, Mixtream Festival, de Boerderij Zoetermeer and Paradiso Amsterdam. For fans of Oceansize, Karnivool, Deftones and A Perfect Circle.

Their fourth album, Zabriskii, will be released in 2019. De drums have been recorded here at E-Sound Studio's.