The gear listed below is what's being used to record and mix.

Cadac E-Type

The CADAC E-Type 40 channel in-line mixing desk is the flagship of our recording setup. The desk, built by Clive Green in 1976, is the only one in the world, still operating and is in near mint condition!


With 4 of digidesign's 192 interfaces in our setup, we can record 32 tracks simultaneously at sample rates up to 192 kHz. Playback up to 40 channels, when mixing on the Cadac.


When recording without the analog CADAC console or when you're just looking for a different sound, E-sound offers the following preamps.
Audient ASP008, 8 channel mic pre amp with adjustable high pass filer and input impedance.
7x Symmetrix 302 microphone preamps (14 Channels)