Mathilde Santing

The day after Mathilde Santing appeared on National TV she was the talk of the town. Her crystal-clear voice, her striking appearance and the intriguing instrument she played caused excitement all over the Netherlands. Since that day the versatile Santing has made 18 albums that may differ in style and strength but have one common characteristic: Mathilde’s exceptional voice. With her adaption of jazz, pop, chansons and Dutch pop classics she has conquered the hearts of many. Mathilde has played and performed in musicals and was called the Dutch National Treasure by Todd Rundgren who she accompanied at a concert with the Metropolo Orchestra last November 2012.
Mathilde Santing has won several prestiguous Dutch awards and won three Edisons, the Dutch equivalent of the Grammy. In 2007 HRH Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands conferred a knighthood on Mathilde on behalf of her merits for the Netherlands culture. Whether Mathilde plays the Concertgebouw, the North Sea Jazz festival, for the entire Dutch Cabinet and the Prime Minister she touches people’s souls.