Himarck is a young contemporary jazz quartet started by Victor Tsilimparis and Ante Medic in 2017. The band came out of an urgency to create a group with no stylistic boundaries in which both musical and improvisational freedom could thrive within set rules: written out material as precise as classical music scores together with the concept of free impro.

The sound of the formation is very dominated by the organic interplay between the piano and electric guitar, a not so often heard combination in jazz music. Characteristic for Himarck is the acoustic reverberant quality comparable to ECM artists but with a constant search for more raw edge electric jazz fusion-like timbres. The group made its first appearance as a support act at the CloudNine TivoliVredenburg in 2017 and released their first EP in 2018 through Zennez Records, also know for acts like: Oene van Geel en Michiel Stekelenburg 5.