Budget Recording

For those on a tight budget, we offer a basic recording set for €250,- per day. This is a selected set of gear without our CADAC mixer, outboard gear, Instruments, Engineer and Vintage mics. It is however, still possible to hire additional (vintage) microphones against a small fee or to bring your own gear.
Gear that is included in our basic recording set:

-Pro Tools 10
-Audient ASP008 (Mic preamps, 8 Channels)
-Symmetrix 302 (Mic preamps, 14 channels)

-Neumann u87
-Neumann u47fet

-Audix D6 x2
-Audix D4
-Audix D2 x2
-Audix i5
-Audix f9 x2
-Audix f6
-Audix f2 x2
-Audix f5

-Shure sm57 x7
-Shure sm58
-Shure beta58
-Sennheiser md421
-Sennheiser md441
-EV RE20
-AKG 224e
-AKG Solidtube
-T.Bone SCT 800 x2