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Welcome to the website of the E-Sound music studios! If you are a musician or band that is looking to record your music in a professional setting using tonnes of vintage and modern gear then look no further! At E-Sound studios we provide the facilities to record an entire band's performances simultaneously, the vintage way, or the fragmented 'part-by-part and instrument-by-instrument recording' way, as seen in so many smaller studios these days. We accomplish this by utilizing several large recording rooms that are linked by a large control centre.

Please take a look through the site to see what we have to offer, or send us an email on the contact page - we are very proud of our studio and would love to show you around! Furthermore we have placed some highlights of artists that recorded in the e-sound studios at the bottom of this page.

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Our Prices


4501 Day

  • Drum room
  • 150m2 Main Reording room.
  • Vintage Outboard gear
  • Modern Outboard gear
  • Alle available mics.
  • Including Engineer


250Per Day (10 hrs)

  • Drum room
  • 150m2 Main Reording room.
  • Pro Tools 10 Set
  • Preamps
  • Various mics
  • Engineer NOT included

Rehearsal space

353 hrs

  • Complete backline
  • Vocal PA
  • Bass Amp
  • 2 guitar amps
  • Drum kit
  • Monthly subscription possible

E-sound studio Portfolio

February 14, 2018


February 14, 2018

The Gathering

February 14, 2018

Sonic Youth

February 14, 2018


February 14, 2018


February 14, 2018


February 14, 2018

Ruud Houweling

February 14, 2018


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