Cloud Machine

Cloudmachine is the band centered around songwriter Ruud Houweling. Some critics in the Netherlands regard him one of Hollands finest. The band is highly appreciated among a group of faithful music lovers around the world. Among them is Leo Blokhuis, a wellknown music writer in the Netherlands who said about their earlier records: “Hum Of Life and Back On Land are truly beautiful. Guitar pop with captivating melodies and a sweet melancholic undertone." A discription that also fits A Gentle Sting perfectly. The new album is many colored but more accessible than it's predecessor without changing the characteristic Cloudmachine sound. And the band evolved once again.
Cloud Machine disbanded in January 2015, but the spirit of the band lives on in the Solo project of Ruud Houweling, who has recorded his new solo Album in the new E-Sound studio in February 2016.